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FCNT, DSR Cor­po­rati­on Fina­lize Stra­tegic Part­ner­ship in Edge­-AI Sol­ut­ion Ma­rket

October 21st, 2021
FCNT, DSR Corporation Finalize Strategic Partnership in Edge-AI Solution Market

This partnership, which combines devices from FCNT with IoT services and solutions from DSR, has been developed to address the needs of the 5G IoT market and drastically cut down on time-to-market and development cost for companies in a variety of industries; including solutions for various Japanese markets, such as natural disaster prevention, retail, security, transportation, and more.

FCNT will create new value for the future, with the goal of ensuring every person a comfortable, vibrant, and lively life; through advanced technologies that connect people with all things on the Internet, as well as new approaches that go beyond traditional ways of thinking.

Strategic partnership background and overview

There has been an acceleration in the digitalization of work and other aspects of daily life. This new landscape requires practical solutions that overcome the new challenges of remote work, post-pandemic workplace safety, and continued automation.

As part of the first phase of the partnership, FCNT and DSR are working together on a solution for monitoring the water level of rivers and floodplains using computer vision. The solution uses cutting-edge computer vision algorithms to monitor and alarm for flood events in rivers, lakes, and flood-prone infrastructure. The solution increases efficiency and reduces required man-power around infrastructural maintenance and monitoring.

The algorithm was developed by DSR’s computer vision subsidiary, Noema, and runs on FCNT camera hardware. Both companies are contributing their respective strengths to the project and partnership in order to use computer vision to directly solve the problems faced by various industries in the Japanese market.

Respective Missions of FCNT and DSR

FCNT FCNT provides edge-AI solutions that deliver more real-time data and a lower price-point than traditional AI camera devices, as well as a cloud solution that is built to provide the best value for various Japanese industries. This is achieved through the technological understanding of real-time AI and 5G technologies based on more than 30 years of development experience in mobile technologies.

DSR Corporation DSR will contribute to the partnership primarily through its wholly-owned, computer vision subsidiary, Noema. Noema is focused entirely on creating cutting-edge computer vision systems with an emphasis on porting complex algorithms to the edge. Noema possesses extensive knowledge of both edge and cloud computing, and is focused on using computer vision to increase security, efficiency, and privacy, for users in a variety of industries around the world.

Visit the URLs below to learn more about Noema’s flood detection application and more: Flood Detection Application: Seat Occupancy detection AI : Smart phone in hand detection AI :

Naoyuki Inoue - Executive Officer Management Director, FCNT Limited had this to say about the partnership: “5G technology is becoming more common as a social infrastructure and FCNT is taking the initiative to propagate AI solutions in society. We will accelerate this trend, combining our expertise with the technologies of DSR, and contribute to the resolution of various issues in our society.”

Anatoli Pechkov - Founder and CEO, DSR Corporation commented: “DSR Corporation (DSR) has a long history working in Japan since 2000. We are happy to open a new era for DSR in the Japanese market by introducing DSR engineering talent in Computer Vision via Noema, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of DSR Corporation. The DSR team is excited about putting technology to work for the people. DSR AI apps will produce immediate results and a positive effect on people’s everyday lives. All of this development would not be possible without working closely with FCNT. Working with FCNT and having their trust is an honor for DSR. We are excited to partner with a leading Japanese company, delivering, together, new applications like flooding detection, seat occupancy monitoring, gun-in-hand detection, fall detection, and others to the market. FCNT is a very valuable partner to DSR and Noema, and we are looking forward to reaching remarkable results together.”

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Note As of April 1st, 2021, FCNT LIMITED is the new name of Fujitsu Connected Technologies Limited. FCNT main site:

For more details: FCNT LIMITED Solution Business HQ , Technology solution division.

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